All Psychologists with Light Bulb Moments are trained and fully Registered Psychologists that work in Sydney’s South West region.

We primarily use a Cognitive-Behavioural approach which addresses the triad of thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

In addition to CBT, our Psychologists have a range of other skills to specifically target a range of issues, these include:

* Grief Counselling
* Motivational Interviewing
* Supportive Counselling
* Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) in cases of Trauma. EMDR is an empirically validated treatment that has found success in cases of Trauma.
*Art and Play Therapy
*Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

All sessions are based on an honest and thorough assessment to identify the underlying maintaining factors behind issues that people present with.

A realistic picture of how you want to be is developed and active strategies are then developed colaboratively to overcome road-blocks and come closer to achieving your ideal state.