Legal Matters

Our Psychologists are qualified and experienced and are often called upon to provide reports in relation to Legal Matters.

We have developed a number of policies and procedures in order to create a more streamlined process.

Legal Matters Include:

Workers’ Compensation
Victims Compensation
Criminal Matters

Following are the Light Bulb Moments policies in relation to the provision of legal reports which are subject to change without notice:

1. All information gathered in the Assessment and any future sessions may be included in a report or be presented in any future related court appearance.

2. The Psychologist requires a written request from a Solicitor prior to report preparation.

3. The Psychologist may need to speak with relevant parties in order to prepare an accurate report, including but not limited to: your GP, employer, Solicitor, treatment providers and other mental health professionals. Any of this information may be included in any report or court appearance.

4. Legally, in preparing a legal report, the Psychologist is working for the court, not for the Client or Solicitor. The Psychologist will not be instructed as to the specific details or opinions to be included in the report.

5. The Psychologist requires clear instruction as to the nature of the report required, nature of the case and any future involvement the Psychologist will be required to have in the case.

6. Once a written request for a report from a Solicitor is received, the Psychologist will quote you the approximate cost of the report, which is subject to change without notice, depending on the needs of the case. Assessments, appointments, all liason and report preparation for legal matters are billed at the current APS hourly rate which is $228.00 at the time of printing in 15 minute increments.

7. The Psychologist will require full payment of the quoted amount of the report prior to report preparation. If the actual cost of the report exceeds the quoted costs, payment of the balance will be required prior to the release of the report.

8. The Psychologist requires a minimum of 14 days after full payment and instruction is received for report preparation.

9. If you want to rely on information that has been gathered during an appointment that has been Bulk-billed, you will need to arrange for the payment to be reversed through Medicare and pay for the appointment/s in full prior to proceeding.

10. It is up to the client/solicitor to ensure the request is made according to the LBM policies. The Psychologist will not chase you regarding any aspects of your request.

11. Requests that do not comply with the above stipulations will not be responded to.

12. Light Bulb Moments reserve the right to refuse provision of this service at any time.

Thank you