House Keeping

Appointments, Fees, Attendance and Referral Pathways


Appointment will take place at:
5/261 Queen Street
Campbelltown NSW 2560
(Behind The Old Post Office)

To book an appointment, please call on 02 4656 1107.

All sessions last for 50 minutes.

Please arrive on time for all of your appointments so you get the maximum benefit from the session. It is best to arrive early for your initial appointment so that the time taken to complete paperwork does not eat into your appointment time.

We have appointments available during business hours, after hours and Saturdays.



As of 22nd October 2014 fees are:

Standard Sessions

Initial appointment: $120.00
Subsequent Appointment: $120.00

Couple’s Counselling:

Initial Appointment: $130.00
Subsequent Appointments: $130.00

Legal Matters:

Initial Assessment: $228.00 per hour
Subsequent Appointments: $228.00 per hour
Report Preparation: $228.00 per hour

Payment Method

We have EFT POS facilities and Medicare Easyclaim available

Mental Health Care Plan/Enhanced Primary Care Plan

If you present a completed and valid Mental Health Care Plan at your initial session, you should be able to claim a portion of this fee from Medicare. At the time of writing this, the rebate is $84.80. This means your out of pocket expense for the appointment is $35.20.

Private Health Insurance

Many Private Health Funds now cover Psychological Services under certain levels of cover. Our Psychologists should be registered with most Private Health Funds. Please check with your Health Fund to see if you are covered for Psychological Services. If you are, please advise reception and request a receipt to include with your claim.

Workers’ Compensation

We have a Psychologist that is an acredited provider under the WorkCover NSW Workers’ Compensation system.

If your Nominated Treating Doctor has indicated on a valid WorkCover Medical Certificate that you need treatment by a Psychologist, you will should be entitled to up to 6 sessions of Counselling.

Just bring yourself, the certificate and your insurer’s details along with you and we will bill the insurance company directly, meaning no up front cost to you.



If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, we ask that you provide a minimum of 24 hours notice so that the appointment can be offered to someone else. If less than 24 hours notice is provided for non-attendance, a non-attendance fee will apply.

This is important because the time is set aside specially for you and cannot be used if we are not provided with adequate opportunity to re-book the time slot.

We thank you for you understanding in this matter.


Referral Pathways

Self Referral

You can refer yourself for Psychological Counseling with Light Bulb Moments.

Just call on 02 4656 1107 to book an appointment or complete the Request Contact form and we will contact you promptly to discuss referral.

GP Referral

Light Bulb Moments accepts referrals from General Practitioners and Specialists.

If your GP has completed a Mental Health Care Plan, you may be eligible to claim $81.60 back from Medicare for each appointment, for up to 12 sessions.

Please call on 02 4656 1107 to book an appointment or complete the Request Contact form and we will contact you promptly to discuss referral.

Agency Referral

If you believe that a staff member, student or client would benefit from Psychological Counseling with Light Bulb Moments then you can also make a referral.

Please complete the Request Contact form and we will contact you to discuss referral

Medicare Items

Light Bulb Moments may offer gap-free Bulk Billing under the Medicare ‘Better access to Mental Health Care’ Initiative for holders of Concession Cards.

This scheme is offered to persons who present a valid Concession card and consistently attend appointments as scheduled.

Clients: Click Here for a Fact Sheet on Better Access to Mental Health Care as issued by the Australian Psychological Society

Workers’ Compensation and other Schemes

If you have been referred by your Nominated Treating Doctor for Psychological Counselling, and you have a written letter of acceptance from your Insurer, you can contact us to make an appointment.

If you don’t find the answers here…

Give us a call on 02 4656 1107 or complete the Request Contact form and we will sort it out from there…