Monday, Aug 20, 2012

Monday, Aug 20, 2012

Welcome to Monday!

Welcome to Monday   morning! A drag for some, but if you can drag yourself to the kitchen for   your first coffee of the day, an opportunity to start something new.

I was inspired this   morning when watching the news and I saw a group of 4 women competing in an   international sporting event. The 4 members of the North Lodge Neptune AUSSI   Masters Swimming Club broke a world record swim with a combined age of 360 years and a relay time of 5 minutes and 45 seconds. Their most senior member   of the team is 96 years of age and commenced competitive swimming at the age of 86. WOW!

There was no shiny   sponsorship deals, fancy gear or big pay cheques to be seen, but they were still an inspiration, perhaps even more so without the material trappings. We are used to seeing our sportspeople adorned with these overt signs of   material success, fancy shoes, expensive advertising campaigns, red carpet   treatment. Following any of our sportspeople on Facebook is like inviting   major advertisers into our newsfeeds with seemingly endless product placement   in their ‘candid’ pictures. I’m not begrudging our athletes of this   treatment, I think its wonderful to see them reap the rewards of their hard   work. But for the rest of us mere mortals, it is but a distant dream.

I think the women of North Lodge Neptune AUSSI Masters Swimming   Club show us that sport and exercise can be enjoyed for its own sake. Without   the trappings of extrinsic rewards. Allowing ourselves to participate, be   champions in our own minds and basking in our own glory provides much more   joy than sitting on the sidelines focusing on our shortcomings, wishing our   lives away. These women started at the beginning-their beginning. One woman   started at the age of 86, 4 years after a quadruple heart bypass surgery. She   didn’t let her physical shortcomings stop her.

So whatever your sport   or exercise preference, put aside concerns about your limitations, what   others will think and your fear of not being the best. Just start, have fun   and be a champion in your own mind!

*see your GP before starting an exercise regime for advice. Remember-superheros are for the   comics, us mere mortals require good, sound advice.

– Natasha Kavanagh. 9:31 AM