Q What happens during an appointment with the Psychologist?

A. Basically, we sit down an have a chat. The Psychologist may ask you questions about the issues you feel you need help with and possibly ask you to complete some paper and pencil tests to help guage where you are at. From this chat, the Psychologist will determine the best course of action and run it past you, if you agree then treatment will begin. The Psychologist will likely also provide you with information and insights into your situation.

Q Will the Psychologist blab to everyone about what we spoke about?

A. The short answer is a definate NO. As a Registered Psychologist, the Psychologist is bound by a code of ethics that determines that Confidentiality is of the upmost importance in Practice. A Psychologist that blabs will not be a Psychologist for long!

Q The appointment is for my child, how will that work?

A. Usually its best for delicate ears to be spared the details of the first session. We therefore ask that you come for your first session without your little one so we can take a full history. Its best that those that are closest to the child attend e.g. both parents, primary guardians, carers, involved grandparents. We will then discuss with you who needs to attend subsequent sessions.

Q How long will the treatment last?

A. It depends on the individual and the Psychologist will discuss this with you during your initial appointment. As a general rule, most issues take more than one session to resolve and the Psychologist may ask you to commit to at least 3-6 sessions prior to review.

Q Will I have to lay on a couch like in the movies?

A. We do have a couch that you can lay on if you wish, but generally the answer is no. Appointments usually take place while everyone is in an upright, seated position

Q How do I get money back from Medicare?

A. See your GP and if he/she determines that you have a mental health issue, they will prepare a Mental Health Care Plan. Bring that plan and your Medicare card along with you to the initial appointment and we may be able to arrange for a rebate of $84.80 for a standard consultation.